Welcome to Dressage Dancers

Welcome to the Dressage Dancers Web site!

We provide riding lessons, horse boarding, and many other services in the Bear Creek area of Woodinville.

Our team of experienced instructors teach dressage, which is an essential foundation for any rider, whether you dream of competing in the show ring or just having fun while learning something new. Dressage will give you a good equestrian foundation, teaching you the most subtle and effective ways to communicate with your partner in dance, your horse.

Need to board? We have stalls available!

We have several stalls available for lucky BOARDERS! Check out the rate sheet.

Come see us at the barn
21718 NE 161st Street, Woodinville 98077
Carol Hopkins   |   425-889-6468

Call or email us for more information or to order gift certificates for riding lessons.

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